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Quote: “Getting into “no-see” offices. That’s a real tough one in a lot of markets today with more and more doctor’s offices taking on new rules about seeing sales representatives. The real issue here is that many times, it’s the person at the front desk who’s the gatekeeper and deciding who gets in and who doesn’t. How do you overcome that? There’s not a WIFM for them so sales representatives are wrongfully denied access in a target office and sometimes even in an office where the doctor has asked the representative to come by. I agree totally that it’s not about the product or sales pitch you bring..it’s about the value..but how do you convince the gatekeeper of the value you are bringing and how can you get the buy-in from the gatekeeper that what you are wanting to talk to the doctors about can positively affect patient outcomes as well as be of value to that office? ”

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