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When Spitzer comes handy.

There was a great comment in response to the post ” She did it. Can you?”:…but what if your product doesn’t fix any new problem just has a slight benefit or has the possibility of 2ndary benefits that are still unknown… What if there really isn’t a cost associated with not using “my product” only a hypothetical, then what?….

This is so crucial for your sales that you may want to put your thinking cap now before you read the rest. A few weeks ago I wrote a post about selling the problems. Here it is: https://drugreptime.wordpress.com/2008/01/17/sell-the-problem-before-you-sell-the-solution/. The world belongs to those who mastered the sales of problems. Look at what the presidential candidates do: 80% of their talks are about how profoundly troubled we are and the rest is ( not always ) what they are going to do about it. In fact, the presidential race is one huge sale. Those who write their speeches know that in Ohio they need to talk about NAFTA, in Texas about immigration, in New York about values ( betrayed by Spritzer), and so on. They customize their sales via customizing the problems, then magnify them to the point when your throat can’t swallow the problem, when you get terrified and ready to say: ” Mommy, mommy ( or daddy ) please help”. The current nomination battle is a massive personal branding exercise that has two virtues: transparency and rapidly visible results. There is little you cannot learn about brand positioning from watching the candidates duke it out in state after state.

Your sales are not unlike that. Remember, there are two kinds of problems in the world: The ones you have, and the ones you don’t. Your job is either to sell the solution to the problems that your customers have ( or are aware of ) , or to make them own the problems that you have the solutions to. That’s what your key sales skill is. Make them own it! And be there to solve it! Even if your product does not fix a new problem and has only marginal benefits, make the old problem and the marginal issues so vital and painful that your customer would start begging for solutions.


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