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Begging for leftovers.

If you are a market leader, skip this post. Go sell more and enjoy your leadership.

Well, today I heard it again: “We are not asking for much. We know you like…XYZ medication (our competition). We just want you to give us a couple of scripts here and there”. This rhetoric is so painfully familiar, that I felt like crying along.

So, let’s look at the message that I am getting: “We do not believe that our brand is the best. We do not believe that we can sell it to you. We are not proud of our product or ourselves. We are begging for leftovers”.

Has anyone ever analyzed outcomes of such approach? Let me tell you what happens after.

A. No scripts. B. You committed your brand to a death sentence. And along with that you committed yourself. 

We all know the numbers game you have to play. But, please, do not put your name under the statement of your brand’s failure. Remember, you and your product are not the same. Even if you think that you are selling a stinky product ( which is NOT the case ), you do not want to be seen useless as a REP. Find and regain your pride! Everything has its place in the market. Locate the niche, locate your primary sales targets and grow them. Do not beg those who are not your primary market for any leftovers.

If I am not saying what you are seeing, I want to hear it. Please post your comments.


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How to see "no see" docs?

This is the comment I posted on Dr. Dave’s blog at CafeParma two days ago in response to “Creative ways to reach “no see” docs..” thread:

Doctor here. All “no see” doctors are divided into two groups:
1. Those who do write your product
2. Those who don’t. Group 1 is your primary market target, group 2 is not. The amount of time and frustration that you will have to invest to get group 2 on board is disproportional to any potential benefits. At the same time, those “bad “clients give you 90% of your headaches.
Group 1 is clearly worth your attention. For the most part, the reason they do not want to see you is that they do not think you will bring them any value. So reflect first and decide what kind of value you will give to your doctors once/if you get that chance. If interested, we can continue talking about it when you can boil down your educational value to one sentence, I mean one. Create that one pip that you believe will score. 10 words, not more. Doctor Max

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Your primary market. Are you wasting your time with some of your doctors?

I am sure that thought occurred to you. In short, my opinion is “YES”.
We talked about getting your doctors attention, but we never discussed “whose attention”.
You know better than me that with some of them you may be out 3 nights a week, feed them every sushi in the world, kiss their behinds , and yet at the end of the day all you get are a few tiny balls of constipated stool coming out with big time cramping and hemorrhoidal bleeding. Yet, most of you persist. God bless you! You must truly like this emptying process. From business standpoint you are foolish. I submit to you that your absolute best client is the one who already uses your product. They are loyal to your product and to you. Your best bet is to get their attention to write more, to sell them your other stuff, and to involve them in “selling” your products to their office partners. If your DM teaches you otherwise let her read this and yell at me.

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