Drug Rep Time

How to succeed in Pharmaceutical Sales.

Got a business card?

Take your business card right now and write your sales message on its back. If you can’t write your sales message on the back of your business card, you probably don’t have a message. Brevity and clarity have become the  paradigms of successful sales. There are two reasons why such test of your sales pitch is necessary.  The first is time constraint on those you are trying to convince. The second reason is that even when your target has time to read or listen his mind can accept only so much information in one steady flow. America became an ADD nation. Before you know the mind of your doctor drifts so  far away from you, starting to wander about money, sex and all the other good things in life that you, my friends, become obsolete.

As a special “thank you” to the readers of this blog, I am ready to give you my undivided attention and time. If you want to test how good you are, write your message on your card , then copy it and sent to questionfromrep@gmail.com. I will review and privately reply to the the first 50 emails, which with the amount of the mail I get from you means you probably have ~3 days to get in. What you sell is irrelevant. Be topical and vital. Words of caution: please avoid terms such as Power, Long lasting effect, Unique, etc. Frankly, nobody cares about your unique long lasting power except for completely different circumstances which I hope you all can relate to. Good luck.


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