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Who says that Obama will destroy Pharma?

FDA and other regulators restrict your companies’ messages every possible way. Can you say what you need to say without changing the on-label content? Would a change of your voice inflection be helpful in putting the emphasis of your message on what needs to be related to your customer? Let me illustrate this.

Let’s take one sentence and read it 6 different ways. Here is a simple factual statement: ” I didn’t say that Obama will destroy Pharma”. Now let’s see how this one sentence will take 6 different meanings from using 6 different voice inflections.

“I didn’t say that Obama will destroy Pharma,” it wasn’t me, it was someone else who said it. 

“I DID NOT say that Obama will destroy Pharma,” a strong denial that I said it .

“I did’t SAAYY that Obama will destroy Pharma,” hints that you might have implied it but didn’t actually say it.

“I didn’t say that Obama will destroy Pharma,” implies that it is not him but rather someone else will be doing the job.

“I didn’t say that Obama will DESTROY Pharma,” maybe he will just put it on the knees and won’t actually kill.

“I didn’t say that Obama will destroy PHARMA,” implies that he will work on something else, like Health Care, first.

Practice to sell with your voice. This is one of the most underutilized skill that you need to master. Stretch your voice to SELL.

Disclaimers: Be sure to understand that the phrase used is for illustrative purposes only. I am hopeful that Obama will not do anything but good things for Pharma.


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