Drug Rep Time

How to succeed in Pharmaceutical Sales.

Price matters. Knowing it matters even more.

Time after time I see that you do not know retail prices of your products. These are three typical answers to the price question: 1. I am not sure but, doctor, do you have a lot of cash paying patients? ( yes, I do). 2. Depends on the pharmacy (give me the range). 3. The wholesale price is…. ( who cares?). The presence of the third party payers (health insurances) makes you feel that the doctors do not care to know what their patients pay for treatment. In some cases you are right, they don’t. But interestingly, those docs who don’t care won’t ask you that question. So whenever you hear a doctor asking you, consider that she/he does care. Your vague and frequently wrong answers take away from your trustworthiness. Why don’t you find out 5 top pharmacies that your doctor’s patients fill their scripts at and call to get you products’ prices. You will look very professional. Better else, get the exact prices of all your main competitors. Now you sound like you know what you are talking about. These days when the practice of medicine is quickly headed to the “bottom line first”, in order for you to stay with the trend you have to be “bottom line sales people”. Vagueness doesn’t sell.


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