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Posted by Doctor Max on November 19, 2007 

This Blog is not a monologue. It is created and meant to be an open forum where we discuss and learn from each other. You need to overcome your reservations, pick screen names (nobody knows who you are) or even stay anonymous, and place your comments. You will quickly learn that THIS IS THE ULTIMATE WAY TO GET ATTENTION. This will give you a ton of practice in the most useful success building topics. Trust me, if your comments draw attention of your peers and if you learn to contribute value to the others you will be golden.
Remember the amount of success you reach in life and the amount of wealth that you create are directly proportional to the amount of value you create for others.
The more beneficiaries you create , the more successful you will be. It is not unlike your everyday work. More value to more client/doctors =more money in your pockets.
This is a place to learn these skills.
Do you want to increase your own audience, discussion groups, learn feedback from hundreds instead of dozens, become a successful contributor to value of learning? If you like what you learn here , go to other blogs and invite people to join you here on DrugRepTime .com. Send emails with your invitations to those you want to benefit. And do it NOW.
Think about something. Many of you told your friends about this blog and invited them. How many of your friends actually came here? One, two? Do you know? Is it any different from talking to many doctors about your great products and getting no scripts?
It is well established in traditional marketing that a circle of influence of each individual is about 250 people. Will talk more about it in the future. But with the social media in place your influence through horizontal networking on the Internet can be multiples of that. So speak up to grow your own audience.
Aren’t you MASTERS OF INFLUENCE? Find what works in engaging others and you will be reach.



  1. Dear Dr. Max:

    I am a therapist in private practice providing individual, couple, and family therapy to my clients. I am new to being in private practice and I was reading through your site with some interest as it appears that many of the questions that pharmaceutical sales reps struggle with are similar to my own.

    More specifically, in my line of work, the best way to build my practice is to develop a network of physicians who would be interested in referring their patients to me for counselling services if they identify that the patient is struggling with anxiety, depression, marital stress, or any other sort of mental health issue. Hence, my situation is similar to pharmaceutical reps who would hope that a doctor would write a prescription for their product when he/she diagnoses his/her patient with a health problem. However, all of my professional training has been in the field of mental health and I thus have no idea how to go about introducing myself to doctors in my area and marketing my practice.

    I have mailed out letters and brochures to doctors in my area but this has not generated much in the way of referrals. It would seem to me that the best way to develop doctors as referral sources would be for me to go out and meet with them face to face to introduce myself and let them know what I can provide for their patients. However, I have no idea how to go about setting up such meetings or if the doctor would even be open to seeing me. Hence, I am curious as to how the pharmaceutical reps approach this issue.

    I have thought about visiting doctors’ offices unannounced and simply dropping off brochures with the receptionist and asking if they could display them in their waiting room. However, I’m not sure what the chances are that this will be done if the doctor has not approved the brochures first.

    Do you (or any of the pharmaceutical reps on this site) have any advice as to how I might best approach the question of gaining a face to face meeting with a physician?

    Comment by Anonymous | July 6, 2008 | Reply

  2. I thank you for yor interest and appreciate your question.
    What you are asking is how to sell yourself. In brief, brochures do not work unless you sell penile enlargement or effortless weight reduction. Getting a face contact with a doctor will only lead you as far as you are able to sell. From your question I realized that that is one skill you may need to work on. Get the book by Chet Holmes “Ultimate sales machine” and spend next two weeks soaking all of it in. I know that this will answer 80% of all your questions. Best of luck.

    Comment by Doctor Max | July 6, 2008 | Reply

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