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Quote: “Getting into “no-see” offices. That’s a real tough one in a lot of markets today with more and more doctor’s offices taking on new rules about seeing sales representatives. The real issue here is that many times, it’s the person at the front desk who’s the gatekeeper and deciding who gets in and who doesn’t. How do you overcome that? There’s not a WIFM for them so sales representatives are wrongfully denied access in a target office and sometimes even in an office where the doctor has asked the representative to come by. I agree totally that it’s not about the product or sales pitch you bring..it’s about the value..but how do you convince the gatekeeper of the value you are bringing and how can you get the buy-in from the gatekeeper that what you are wanting to talk to the doctors about can positively affect patient outcomes as well as be of value to that office? ”

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Read your opinions from the survey!!! I bolded the questions and one angry rep’s comment. It is all here, just read.

What do you like about the blog?

There’s something new all the time. It’s very interactive, and practical. It deals with challenges I face every day in the field.
– great posts from the moderator and the reps
-excellent topics- good advice
-That it is written Dr with a marketing focus.
-The fact that you set this up to be a serious place to learn and shar ideas, not a place to whine.
-Good discussions and suggestions.
-positive and encouraging
-I like how it is a physician’s honest opinion of pharmaceutical representatives. I appreciate how -Dr Sungorov has taken time to help us with our job and give us real world opinions from “the other side.”
-hearing both rep and dr. points of view
-The information is useful to new, young, and inexperienced pharmaceutical sales representatives. Any Representative with 4 or more years of experience may not find much value in the information diseminated.
-the topics are “real life” and offer an area to convey & retrieve insightful pearls of wisdom
-Since I am new to the blog, I like reading about the doc’s view of pharma reps and the ideas for creating better relationships with clients.
-It helps educate me on what to do and what not to do in offices.
-I like to know what the physician’s are really thinking as they blow us off…what matters to them…what do they want from us…and I love the last blog about keeping the message simple and utilizing the brand message to its full advantage.
-It is a good place to ask questions to a physician and get an honest reply.

What would you change, add, improve?
-The format can be a bit difficult to follow. It might be easier if you had a home page with links to various discussions or topics within the blog.
-would improve the spelling/grammar. Lot of errors…
-more real life stories about your practice and your interaction with reps
-I would like to see a product specific place or even a drug class specific forum.
-more frequent topics and more responders
-More advice on access with doctors
-Good question ?!?!?!?!?!?!
-The Blog is meant to be helpful but there are resources from the pharmaceutical training and development area that are much more useful. The physicians feedback is welcome and somewhat helpful, but wonder what his true underlying motivation is in creating the blog.
-it would be easier to follow a thread chronologically or by subject then chrono. instead of the subject lines on lower right side
-Sometimes the physicians are not realistic or ethical in the pharmaceutical industry. I don’t believe the guidelines are understood.

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Give us one tip that works for you!

It’s time to share. One tip. Give it to us. It can be as brief as one word. Be light. No hard thinking or justifications needed. I will post one tip after every third comment.

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Comment from the West Coast (quote from one of you).

I was at a marketing seminar recently where some of the world’s greatest marketing gurus were telling us that before we can expect anyone to do business with us, we need to take interest in our potential prospects and figure out ways to add value to their lives. It makes total sense, as once we humans receive a random act of kindness (kind words, a cup of coffee, or a hand to help us fly) we immediately take an interest in the person and want to do something nice back for them. What’s interesting is how refreshing I found this concept coming from the marketing experts considering that I grew up w/ my father who throughout his entire life continually bent backwards to help others w/o being asked to. I strongly believe that if we can remember to take the focus off of ourselves and put it on the other person (in this case the doctors we are trying to do business with), we will be guaranteed to witness the development of lifelong relationships where pull vs. push marketing will start taking place.

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When it comes to your interactions with your doctors, what do you hate?

10 % of your clients give you 90% of your pain. What is it that hurts you the most?

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Thus far Josefina is leading the contest. You better hurry up. That fellow needs your help..

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Congratulation to all "Barbie Dolls"!

3/4 of poll respondents thought that they have “a better chance”.
Do you agree?

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Contest time

The same person as in the posting below, needs to propose. His “dream” is on the phone with her credit card company trying to dispute a charge. He has no time because unless he actually says what he is supposed to say within next 1 minute the ring will go up in price 100% ( promotion expires ). What should he do? or say?

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Your doctor is in love with your competition.

Anonymous said…
Getting the relationship going with a doc who is in love (and has been for a while) with a competitive product and the rep that promotes it. Do I have any chance at all or should I move on to somebody who may actually prescribe my drug ?
November 11, 2007 8:04 PM

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I need to know what YOU guys struggle with.

Marketing in the past: new product-promotion-sales.
Marketing at present: promotion-feedback from consumers-new product-sales.

What I am saying is that I need to learn about you to build this blog successfully.

So, when it comes to your job what do you struggle with?
One, two, three thoughts…
Don’t spend time thinking. Say whatever pops in your head first. Spit it out.

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