Drug Rep Time

How to succeed in Pharmaceutical Sales.

Will Obama kill your jobs as pharmaceutical sales reps?

Obama brand is a great example of an outstanding branding strategy and execution.  He and his campaign deserve a standing ovation for bonding with consumers. It is unparalleled in the recent history. His brand became bigger that Lipitor, Advair, Nexium and Plavix (world’s top pharmaceutical brands) combined.  He is like a drug that everybody wants to take without ever reading the package insert. No reason to read the indications, cautions, or side effects. Just take it because “it’s good for you”. You will experience “the change you need”. In what areas? Just about everywhere. He is a Percocet for pain, a Xanax for anxiety, an Ambien for sleep, a Viagra for erection and a fish oil for coolness. You might guess that I share conservative values of republicans. Maybe. But I gotta tell you, that it is on the republican watch that such detrimental changes to pharmaceutical companies as the PhRMA guidelines and the death of free marketing and next to viral proliferation of regulatory and legal departments in your companies actually happened. Go figure. So, what’s ahead for you? As it stands right now, after BIG OIL the second enemy of happiness for Americans is BIG PHARMA. Get ready and tighten your seat belts, folks. You thought it was tough, but you haven’t seen nothing yet. The socialization of health care means that pharmaceutical companies, formerly free dogs, who now walk on leashes, will be placed in cages. Their ability to grow and to generate revenues will be so dramatically impacted that before you know the layoffs will start. And with that, how can one explain why pharma gives Obama’s campaign more contributions than to McCain’s? Probably they are hedging their bets, hoping for liberal mercy.

O.K. this is my advice for the 2008-2009 political season: update your resume today, put yourself on LinkedIn or go work for legal and regulatory departments of your esteemed companies. By the way, big kudos to those companies that didn’t sign PhRMA guidelines. They had guts to do that, and they will do better.


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