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In my last post I promised to review the topic of “appealing to fears”. I stated that in order to grab your doctors’ attention and to keep it long enough to be able to convey your message, you need to master the skill of appealing to their fears. However I only can imagine the reaction that my peers will have if I say “Scare them”.  So let’s say that I am  “FEARful” of saying what I feel like saying and let’s address the topic from a different angle: In order to better understand your doctors you have to understand their fears. You won’t find this topic in any sales books or in any of your sales manual and training. Put your thinking caps on and don’t judge me if I tickle sensitive spots.

Doctors like to feel and look smart, intelligent and respected. They are generally big snobs and think very highly of themselves. They hate to be publically outsmarted especially by those of who are of lesser education, younger age and better looks. They love to spot and to be part of new trends. They like to feel that they are in on “something” but afraid of getting confused by your logical fallacies ( CafePharma’s Dr.Dave’s favorite term). They like to work less and to make more. They are scared that with the way things go, they will have to work more and settle with less. Doctors want to retire early but are afraid that they won’t be able to . They are jealous of ” good old days “. They are anxious and afraid of the trends in health care especially with the falling reimbursements, increased labor challenges, new government coming , etc. Not to mention the perpetual fear of lawyers and litigants. They are anxious about falling respect to their profession. They are uncomfortable with poor visibility of the future and most of the time have no good plan B, since they were too busy studying to become business  savvy. They are afraid that their energy will deplete and feel older than their biological age. I hope you are getting the picture. What I am saying is, in order to build relationship and trust you may want to learn what they feel, with fear being the strongest feeling of all.

Disclaimer: when I say “they” , I mean us. I am one of them.


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