Drug Rep Time

How to succeed in Pharmaceutical Sales.

She did it. Can you?

When you engage your doctors in a conversation remember the rule number one: IT IS ALL ABOUT THEM-NOT YOU. Speak to their interests in plain and easy to understand English. Be very straightforwarded with your language. Teach, do not sell. Add value by sharing knowledge. Remember the big three questions that you must have compelling  answers to:   1. What problem your product is the answer to; 2. Who owns the problem; 3. What is the cost of not using your product. The more I observe the reps the more I see some serious deficiencies in crafting of their educational messages. Start today by creating short and clear answers to the big three above.

Let me give you an outstanding example that I heard from a rep today. She asked me the following: “Do you know that the number one reason why people quit smoking is that their doctor spoke to them about smoking cessation?”. Now is that good or good !? 1. What is the problem her product is the answer to – smoking cessation. 2. Who owns the problem – me, who has hundreds of smoking patients. What is the cost of not using her product- hundreds of my patients will continue smoking and will be sick sooner or later. BRAVO, you did it! Now you have my consent to learn more from you.


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  1. The Concept sounds great. but what if your product doesn’t fix any new problem just has a slight benefit or has the possibility of 2ndary benefits that are still unknown. We all believe that “our product” is better, either slightly or dramatically, but still better. What if there really isn’t a cost associated with not using “my product” only a hypothetical, then what? I still have a job to do and a product to sell. This is where the sales part really comes into play. I completely agree with what you said about this rep. she made a great IMPACT Statement. that’s it’s purpose, grab the Drs attention & provoke thought. good of you to pick it up.

    Comment by Anonymous | March 13, 2008 | Reply

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