Drug Rep Time

How to succeed in Pharmaceutical Sales.

I like the smell, but I remember the taste.

A couple of days ago I was speaking to a rep who was pitching to me a product that I never use. His product competes against monsters in the class and does it poorly. I was trying to be polite and was doing that doctor’s nod that you all know very well: “Keep talking. I’ll sign for the samples and will forget about you and your stuff before you even leave the office”. Suddenly I caught myself on having visuals related to his product. To my surprise I visualised the exact patients who would benefit from using it and moreover I saw distinct faces and even names of those patients that I had seen earlier in the week that should have been put on his drug. I stopped him and trying to understand what had happened asked:”Can you repeat what you just said”. He did. Bingo. The reason he captured my attention and connected me with his message was very simple. All he did was that he gave me a very topical  and live description of the image of the patient who needs his product. Nothing special but a vivid and memorable picture of who, what, when, how, why. What a great impact that had.

What we hear we forget quickly, what we see we forget eventually, what we hear, see and live through we understand and USE. We connect with that stuff. We bond with it. Don’t just rely on your company’s promo materials. All too often folks who make your brochures talk about stuff they have never been around of. The visuals you get from them pay them big bucks but sell nothing but water. Learn how to create topical verbal images that can immediately connect your doctors with the patient type, her/his problem and your product. Put that patient right in the room with your client. It takes thirty seconds and you are way ahead of the game. 


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