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Is itching worse than stinking?

Doctor Max,
Can you give an example of what you are saying that we can relate to?

This was a comment in response to the previous post “Sound Bites”. OK. Say, you sell a cream for eczema (red and itchy skin). ” Doctor, a recent poll (survey, book, article….doesn’t matter) showed that for most people itching was number 2 ( or 3) annoyance behind……whatever only”. You sell an ED medication: ” A recent article in…. said that 1/5 of Americans over 80 are sexually active and of those every third with multiple partners”. You sell a cholesterol lowering medication other than Vytorin : ” Merck was hiding the result of……study from the public for over a year”. You sell a smoking cessation medication:” A law suit was filed in Oklahoma (or Alabama) against a doctor who failed to explain to a patient that smoking is a bad habit”.

All of the above are attention grabbers. Try to resist your curiosity after hearing those even if you are a busy doctor.

Bite them with the right sound. Use sound bites.


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