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Sound bites.

These days the media (TV, newspapers, radio, Internet) has such a powerful influence on the audience that we all are programmed to receive and to process information in so called sound bites. Nobody has time and patience to spread thin over almost any topic unless it is vital. It’s not a secret for you that rarely any of your sales messages are vital for your doctors. Unless you say something along the lines that XYZ has been shown to cause heart attacks or cancers, or was found to be terratogenic in pregnancy, or caused medical malpractice litigations, all of which will kill your sales anyway, the rest of your messages has a slim chance to penetrate into the gut of your doctors. If you want to be paid attention to your messages have to become similar in the way they are formulated to the way the media formulates theirs. You have to learn how to create catchy phrases or sound bites, tag lines, analogies in order to be heard and to be interesting. Open MSN or Yahoo to see great examples of these sound bites: “10 things never to say at work place..”, “Does its size really matter…”, “Want better sex? Give it up for a month..”, “ADHD:how to know if you’ve got it..”, ” What she really wants from you..”. Most of the time there is nothing fascinating behind these bites once you read the content. But the idea is to make you click and learn more. We’ll talk more about this topic. For now, try to read, watch and listen to the news and observe your own reaction to those sound bites. See what moves you. See what triggers your interest and start thinking in terms of what you can say that would make your doc turn his head to listen.


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  1. Doctor Max,
    Can you give an example of what you are saying that we can relate to?

    Comment by Anonymous | January 31, 2008 | Reply

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