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Recent CafePharma talk. Are we getting ready for Clinton’s universal health care?

Doctor Dave,
Who , in your opinion, is the most Pharma friendly presidential candidate? And who is the least friendly one?
Thank you . Doctor Max
Take this with a huge grain of salt, as I am not an expert. This is my humble opinion. Of the two so-called major parties:Most pharma friendly: Guiliani
Least pharma friendly: EdwardsThat said, I’m skeptical that either are truly contenders for President. In terms of the other candidates from these two parties (Obama, McCain, Clinton, Huckabee, Romney), I’m not convinced that there is really THAT much difference in terms of pharma’s interests.But once again, I am no expert, so I’m looking forward to hearing your opinions and the rationale behind them.

Respectfully, Dave
The short answer: I don’t know.
Conventional thinking is that republicans are Pharma and doctors friendly. But has it helped?
Just a quick look at the outcomes of the last few years of the republican reign indicates some evil trends for both the pharmaceutical industry and the doctors. There is an active war for redistribution of wealth and influence. Parties ( HMOs, PBMs, bureaucracy, lawyers, etc) that produce nothing but panic and fear in public, and invest nowhere but in our demise seem to be putting everyone else on the knees. Public opinion, well manipulated by mass media, is growing against the cause of all problems in life – big Pharma. The only other industry that is made look as bad is Big Oil.
Forget about years of R&D, forget about taking risks of investing billions in hope, forget about cure for cardiovascular diseases, cancers and such. The public chooses to think that it’s all done “for the money”. And hence the foundation of the free market is questioned on the example of Pharma.
Those candidates who blame rich, successfully capitalize on the public opinion. They call for fairness but mean socialism. Even though I am not impressed with the outcomes of the GOP era, I believe that Clinton, Edwards, Obama will be more aggressive in redistribution of wealth and power. Of the republicans Romney and Giuliani are likely to be less hungry to take away from Pharma.
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