Drug Rep Time

How to succeed in Pharmaceutical Sales.

Did you set the buying criteria?

No matter what you sell you got to show your client that your product is his logical choice. All too often I see you skipping through to the description of your product without any or with very minimal discussion of the disease state and the current trends in management and treatment. When you talk to your doctors you  talk to people who know more than you do about human diseases. In fact, it might feel rather intimidating when it comes to their superior or your inferior level of knowledge in a given field. So your natural reaction is avoidance. Let me tell you a story that happened to me.

One day, when I was an intern ( only two months into my training ) at Cooper Hospital, I was taking care of a very challenging case. I was doing an admission to the CCU in the middle of the night. My patient was a fifty something years old male who just had a heart attack. I collected the history, examined him and was discussing with him his treatment  plan. He asked me a few questions and I went on in great details to explain what would happen next. He asked me what my opinion was about his chances of making it, about complications and so on. We had a good talk, but something in his manner of asking questions appeared unusual to me. So I asked him what he was doing  for a living. His answer literally shocked me. ” I am a cardiologist and the head of the CCU ( coronary care unit ) in ……. hospital”, he said. I felt like a complete uneducated idiot teaching an experienced and respected pro. I lost my ability to speak for a second, and when I continued I simply told him how I felt. His reply was: ” I know it all, but now I choose to learn from you. You are my doctor”.

So no matter how smart, educated and tough they are, once you have a chance to talk to them they will likely listen, at least initially. Forget about their credentials. You are doing your job. You are EDUCATORS first, and sales people second. As their educators you better know three things, and know them very well. 1. What problem is your product an answer to? 2. Who has that problem? 3. What will happen to the patients if your product is not used? If you have no quality answers to all three of them, your message will not connect and will not be memorable.

We’ll talk more about the specifics in the upcoming posts.


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