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How good are you?

Earlier this week I had a conversation with one of the best reps in my territory who asked me to comment on your training. I recalled a survey that you were asked to participate in about 2 months ago. 84% of answers were that you got an adequate marketing and sales training from your companies. Back then I thought : “Wow, you must be ignorant or I might be blind”. But the statistics was stronger than my opinion. So, I backed off. Now I am rethinking the way the question was posed. Let me ask you again: What is missing in your training? What would you like to change?


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  1. I can tell you that unfortunately, many of the “big pharma” co’s just don’t understand what information the rep truly needs and focus’s way too much on ‘testing’ these reps on useless info instead of making sure the reps understand the science behind a drug and a disease state. For example someone shouldn’t be selling an AHY that isn’t capable of discussing CHF or LVH etc. but the ‘1 min detail’ doesn’t allow for the rep to engage in this type of discussion regularly and when the question does come up they are hesitant to even attempt this discussion and come off looking like idiots. Pharma cos should regularly have open forums as training and allow reps to discuss disease state, MOA, and competitive info from MDs on staff.

    Comment by britesmile | January 10, 2008 | Reply

  2. I disagree as far as not preparing us with disease state information as our training consisted of more than plenty of that!! I think what is truly missing is “REAL WORLD” preparation. At training you are in a controlled environment where you go over detail pieces from cover to cover, reciting what lines marketing has deemed as important. Having come from a totally different industry I was not prepared for the lack of respect, lack of attention, the attitude, the lack of time etc….. so my time in the industry has been spent trying to figure out how to get past all the blockades to atually be able to share some of the vast knowledge and information that my company has filled my brain with!

    Comment by Sunshine | January 10, 2008 | Reply

  3. I am hearing two different concerns here. Partially they are different because you most likely sell different products in different categories. Sounds to me that Britesmile has to defend her/his product against multiple competitors in the same class of agents and her/his doctors do not mind discussing the topic. Whereas Sunshine has to make a bigger effort to engage his/her doctors in the discussion per se. So you are talking about two sides of one coin: Expertize
    ( Britesmile) and Humanity ( Sunshine ). Neither of you is right or wrong.

    Comment by Doctor Max | January 10, 2008 | Reply

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