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How to succeed in Pharmaceutical Sales.

Find your message and deliver it.

The following is the quote from my conversation with the moderator of “Ask Dr. Dave” of Cafepharma.

Originally Posted by DrDave
Dr. Max-Thanks for your post. Could you give us an illustrative example of a single sentence that you would find indicative of such value?I would also be interested in your comments regarding your website/blog. I visited only briefly, but it appears that you “coach” reps from a physician standpoint on sales techniques, but with a focus on marketing strategy. Can you elaborate on how/why you were motivated to set up your website?Thanks again!Doctor Dave:

My reply: Every successful brand has a Singular Idea or Core message. It has an extreme focus, precision and brevity. That’s how it lives in the minds of the audience.It’s not a slogan, not a catchy word, in fact, it never has to be verbalized or written. It’s a hidden under the hood engine that drives the brand.
Say, Volvo’s slogan is “Volvo for life”, but the Singular idea is “Safety”.
Apple’s notebooks and iPods: “Cool”
Target: “Affordable quality”.
Some brands of medications are very successful in developing such singular ideas in the minds of prescribers. Let’s say, Plavix:”When Aspirin is not enough” , Z-Pak “Antibiotic for mild infections”, Levaquin: “When you need to add power”, and so on. It’s not said or even implied, but that’s how doctors bond with those brands.
The job of the sales force is to find , so called pips, easy and memorable messages that would link the docs with the Singular Idea of their brand. Pip needs to be compact and portable enough to spread quickly. Usually, the companies provide their reps with enough training and materials that contain pips. Pip should connect with the docs, and should have enough intrinsic value for them to spread it around. What defines a good pip is that it asks to be passed along. (“Hey I just heard from …rep that… say, Aciphex is the PPI of choice for obese patients”).
Hope this is helpful. Have a great weekend!


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  1. Dr. Max-I posted the original thread question in Dr. Dave’s forum on cafepharma “Creative ways to reach ‘no see’ docs….”. Great insight into what message makes an impact in the field.(change of subject)Do you offer medical sales interview training or know of a program that works one on one with candidates to sharpen the most important sale which is Selling Yourself in a job intereview???Background as an RN and Hospital Training Specialist (5+ years), Top performer in Pharma sales/District Trainer (5 years). I can sell almost anything you put in my hands or discuss my abilities with ease to almost anyone that asks. Get me in an interview and I Bomb every time!!! Any ideas??

    Comment by Anonymous | December 19, 2007 | Reply

  2. Paige,
    Thanks for your comment.
    Being in the right place, in the right time, in the right capacity and in the right state of mind are 4 key components of success.
    Sounds like you miss “in the right state of mind” component.
    Why don’t you write a sentence made of 10-16 words describing best of yourself and a sentence made of 10-16 words describing how you feel while being interviewed.
    2 sentences, not more. email to drugreptime@gmail.com. Let’s see how good you are.

    Comment by Doctor | December 19, 2007 | Reply

  3. Paige, are you following up with the interviewer to find out what is holding them back from hiring you? To be a good sales person, you need to know why your customer is interested or not interested in your products. During an interview, you are the product! Don’t be affraid to ask.

    Comment by Anonymous | December 20, 2007 | Reply

  4. What can we do when a doctor admits that we have an efficacious and safe product, however, his friend’s daughter was just hired by X company and he expects the pharma rep to accept that he will prescribe another product out of friendship and not necessarily that he believes it to be the best choice for his patients? (A reps #1 prescriber- which affects their territory tremendously)

    Comment by Anonymous | January 11, 2008 | Reply

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