Drug Rep Time

How to succeed in Pharmaceutical Sales.

Select your target doctors. Pick your battles, tribe!

Let’s expand on your market selection.
Busy day in the office. A rep is in speaking to me. I am one of the biggest prescribers of the class that his product belongs to. I know that he knows that his particular product has no more than 5-6 % of my scripts in the class. He also knows that that number remained unchanged for 2-3 years, and hence by now unless he is ignorant he should see very little potential for expansion.
A colleague of mine who is new to the practice and always, and I mean always, takes time to listen to the reps passes by as the rep is talking to me. The rep turns his head to the doctor and without saying anything about anything is asking for an autograph. The doctor signs the paper and is heading into a patients room. I am asking loudly: “Doctor…, can you tell me what does this fellow sell?” My colleague looks at me and says: “I have no idea”. Wow! and Wow again!
Does he know that he probably has 10 times better chance with that new doctor than with me. I mean 10 times. Guys, grab it, chew it, taste it, enjoy it and only spit it out if it’s not chewable.
What do you think? Familiar situation? Pick your battles, tribe. Pick your battles.

P.S. Note for the rep in the story: Count on me to help you grow!


December 6, 2007 - Posted by | Marketing and Sales strategies |

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