Drug Rep Time

How to succeed in Pharmaceutical Sales.

Your primary market. Are you wasting your time with some of your doctors?

I am sure that thought occurred to you. In short, my opinion is “YES”.
We talked about getting your doctors attention, but we never discussed “whose attention”.
You know better than me that with some of them you may be out 3 nights a week, feed them every sushi in the world, kiss their behinds , and yet at the end of the day all you get are a few tiny balls of constipated stool coming out with big time cramping and hemorrhoidal bleeding. Yet, most of you persist. God bless you! You must truly like this emptying process. From business standpoint you are foolish. I submit to you that your absolute best client is the one who already uses your product. They are loyal to your product and to you. Your best bet is to get their attention to write more, to sell them your other stuff, and to involve them in “selling” your products to their office partners. If your DM teaches you otherwise let her read this and yell at me.


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  1. Common, Dr. Max…
    Watching constipated people is a torture, I agree, and it is not productive to watch them after all…
    What works – as you probably know – is manual disimpaction. But unless you have a skill, I would say a gift – do not try it at home:)
    You may change heart and mind of a “stubborn” doctor – but probability of success is decreasing exponentially after each failed attempt. So, I would say – 1-2 rep/reps effort, one with manager+/-regional scientist and (if target is of extreme value) one lunch with charismatic speaker – then call it quits. Some of the most loyal followers of products I speak for came from these stubborn/constipated doctors.
    Dr. V

    Comment by Dr. V | December 3, 2007 | Reply

  2. Doctor V,
    Glad you are back.
    The point i am making is: 20% of effort give 80% of results.
    One needs to be clear about who/where these 20% are. It is rather likely that 20% are mostly comprised of those docs who are on board already.And where are those “charismatic speakers”? Let me smell them so I know where to look for them.

    Comment by doctor | December 3, 2007 | Reply

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