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Comment from the West Coast (quote from one of you).

I was at a marketing seminar recently where some of the world’s greatest marketing gurus were telling us that before we can expect anyone to do business with us, we need to take interest in our potential prospects and figure out ways to add value to their lives. It makes total sense, as once we humans receive a random act of kindness (kind words, a cup of coffee, or a hand to help us fly) we immediately take an interest in the person and want to do something nice back for them. What’s interesting is how refreshing I found this concept coming from the marketing experts considering that I grew up w/ my father who throughout his entire life continually bent backwards to help others w/o being asked to. I strongly believe that if we can remember to take the focus off of ourselves and put it on the other person (in this case the doctors we are trying to do business with), we will be guaranteed to witness the development of lifelong relationships where pull vs. push marketing will start taking place.


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  1. I agree with that.

    Comment by Anonymous | November 30, 2007 | Reply

  2. I am one of those people who will bend over backwards for my family and friends. However, when I try to incorporate this into my professional life as a rep with physicians it often goes unnoticed. It is hard to do things for a doctor within the “PHRMA” guidelines but I do what I can. Little things like remembering their favorite type of pen, special ordering a lunch outside of my normal caterer, and showing them the info they requested about my product are things I do on each and every call but I would said less than half appreciate it. Sometimes I go above and beyond what I would normally do and I leave the office feeling unappreciated and used. Other times I am rewarded…I am not talking necessaryily about scripts I am talking about a genuine, human response with the words “thank you.” When they recognize me I recognize them for being a real human not someone I would send my dying mother to if they were the last doctor on earth.

    Comment by Anonymous | November 30, 2007 | Reply

  3. Has your mom ever spent hours trying to make that special dinner for you? Have you ever sat at that dinner table , ate the meal feeling pissed about something, maybe even about her, barely talked and then got up, squeezed an “I got to go. thanks” leaving her wondering about her purpose? I did. More than once.

    Comment by Doctor | November 30, 2007 | Reply

  4. Dear anonymous, I agree w/ you that most of us will bend backwards for our family and loved ones. But in order to get into the inner circle of a stranger, driving them to engage in business w/ us when dozens if not hundreds of others are knocking on their door, we need to have the patience to take the time to really know our prospect as a person. I don’t mean getting to know them on the surface only, but understanding who they are what concerns, drives and motivates them and then try to figure out how we can help them. When I say committing random acts of kindness, I don’t mean getting them a free meal (which probably most reps do), but I mean doing what most of your competitors will not be inconveniencing themselves to do.
    For example if you are talking to a doctor who mentions that he/she has a 21 year old daughter graduating from college w/a communication degree in a few months , you offer to get her a job/interview at a PR firm where you have friends. And don’t just say it, but do reach out to your contacts to get that interview scheduled for her and see if going out of your way like that does not get your doctor’s attention and therefore his/her business. Having said that, I believe in doing unexpected favors in a genuine way w/o hidden agendas. Someone once said: “we are all angels with one wings, and only by embracing each other we can fly.” When we partake in another human being’s flight we feel connected w/ the universe, which then brings similar energy around for us.

    Comment by Josefina | November 30, 2007 | Reply

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