Drug Rep Time

How to succeed in Pharmaceutical Sales.

Getting your Doctors’ attention. WSGAT rule.

So, to review what we said so far ( please review the old posts as needed ):
1. No ATTENTION from the docs – no transaction of info- no sales for you.
2. Deliver info that is important to THEM.
3. Only deliver when the moment is right FOR THEM (not for you).
4. Best sales are by those who managed to become the source of VALUABLE INFORMATION.
5. Bond to your Brand yourself and target BONDING your docs with it.

Let’s take it from here.
The only assumption you can make that anything that you ever say only truly impacts if it carries the answers to two questions: WSGAT ( what’s so good about that ) and WIFM
(what’s in it for me ). WIFM also means for most docs “What’s in it for my success with my patients”.
Every time you walk in the office and every time you are ready to pitch, know the answers to these questions. If you are not ready today , your best bet is to stick to
the topics of general humanity and general news ( “it is raining doctor… will that impact your weekend plans”, so to speak).
It’s OK. But:
I encourage you to always prepare the topic answering WSGAT and WIFM questions for your next week. Have two or three messages ready and experiment with them every week, figuring out which is better for what client. Analyze what worked, what was natural for you, and what didn’t or wasn’t.
Before you walk in you must be ready if the moment is right ( Cialis figured that one right).
Do not ever settle with failure ahead of time. Most popular comment: ” I am leaving you some XYZ and some ZYX, let me just grab you JH…” doesn’t sell anything.
It reflects either lack of prep work, fear of failure, or that “your moment is never right”.
You are not in the business of serving meals ( ” here is some pasta, some chicken, some olives….”). You are in the educational marketing business.
Yes, some docs won’t ever listen to you, period. Don’t let them give you 80% of your pain. They may not be your primary market at this time. Learn from your experience with them so that you can apply it with your next client.
Some others, only want to talk about their agendas ( hobbies, needs and blah, blah, blah..).
Slowly but confidently steer them to start thinking of you as a source of knowledge and valuable info. It may take a while but work on that. Don’t just say “we need your help with XYZ”. Very few will help on these terms.
But at least that group listens to you when you talk, so you do have a chance. Right?

This part of Getting Your Doctors attention is very important. Please comment if it answers your concerns. Let’s debate.


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  1. I was at a marketing seminar recently where some of the world’s greatest marketing gurus were telling us that before we can expect anyone to do business with us, we need to take interest in our potential prospects and figure out ways to add value to their lives.
    It makes total sense, as once we humans receive a random act of kindness (kind words, a cup of coffee, or a hand to help us fly) we immediately take an interest in the person and want to do something nice back for them.
    What’s interesting is how refreshing I found this concept coming from the marketing experts considering that I grew up w/ my father who throughout his entire life continually bent backwards to help others w/o being asked to.
    I strongly believe that if we can remember to take the focus off of ourselves and put it on the other person (in this case the doctors we are trying to do business with), we will be guaranteed to witness the development of lifelong relationships where pull vs. push marketing will start taking place.

    Comment by Josefina | November 29, 2007 | Reply

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