Drug Rep Time

How to succeed in Pharmaceutical Sales.

YES, Doctors learn from YOU whether they will ever admit to it or not! A story of the rep who got my attention..

It’s a WOW time! The results of the poles and the survey showed that:
1. You all , meaning 100% of the respondents, want to know HOW TO BE A VALUABLE SOURCE of information for your docs.
2. At the same time almost 3/4 of you either think that currently you are not or that you are unsure if docs want to learn anything from you.
Do you see the conflict here? Do you see how one can get depressed going to work and hopelessly leaving samples asking for an autograph? Do you see how this may not help your self esteem?
Cheer up people! Good news! According to my experience and communication with dozens and dozens of docs and reading physicians blogs and reading medical periodicals YOU are the ones that we use as the main every day educational source. So for those of you who feel like REPtilias I suggest to look in the mirror and reframe your thinking to become REPtigers.
Respect yourself and you will be respected.
Here is a perfect example of how you can become a great educational value to your docs.
I call it : “A story of a rep who got my attention”.
Busy Monday late afternoon, I am behind, the waiting room is filled with 10 patients. A new to our office rep walks in and unloads his samples. I can’t even pronounce the name of his medication. All I know is that I do not care. Here is the dialogue while i am writing my notes:
Him: Wow, it is one busy office.
Me: Yeah..
Him: And they all waiting to see you?
Me: I guess most of them.
Him: I saw a lot of older folks in the waiting room. They must be most challenging. They all must have 5-10 things you have to pay attention to. And you have to address every detail when there is so much to check in the short time you get to spend with them. (Please note, it’s all about me, nothing about him, his products or interests).
Me: Aha…
Him: You probably wish sometimes that one simple question could point you in the direction of identifying a major health problem especially those common ones that take away from quality of life of these older folks that you see. I counted 7 people in your waiting room who look over 60.
By the way of example, statistically 2 of them have an XYZ condition.
( Do you see how this kid is setting me up for a sale? He grabbed my attention, he provided me with an educational fact (I didn’t know that every fourth person suffers from XYZ), he is ready to come out with his smoking gun).
Me: What are you talking about? Is XYZ really over 20% prevalent. I didn’t know that.
Him: Yeap, and the sad fact is that unless you ask your patient a simple question “…….smoking gun???…..” she/he may never volunteer that to you until XYZ is far advanced. Once you establish XYZ your treatment options are pretty easy. ( Perfect set up of buying criteria).
…..mg of XYZ (medication name) and both of those folks in the waiting room (He reminds me to use the question/screening tonight, since “the folks” are here) will likely feel better in less than 48 hours ( He is indirectly teaching me that the medication takes that long to start working).
Me: What is your name? You’r good. ( I like the guy).
He got it all done in 2 minutes. Now he is my educational source on the subject. Did he sell yet? Maybe yes, maybe no. But HE GOT MY CONSENT TO LEARN MORE FROM HIM.

Our first topic will be: HOW TO GET YOUR DOCTORS ATTENTION. I will post it on Wednesday! Remember :No attention – no sale!
You must get their attention to be able to convey your message……..


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